1995 GrandVictrix
Ch. Jerr's French Pastry

1995 GV Ch. Jerr's French Pastry ROM

Breeders: Nanci Nellis & Gerald Bobak
Owners: Anita & Martin Hernandez
April 26, 1992~November 12, 2001

Ch Bachchen's Spendabuck

Ch Pinebeach's Stars N Stripes ROM

Ch Kolbrook's Allez France
GV Ch. Jerr's French Pastry ROM

Ch Nike Clayfield Andretti ROM

Cross Timbers Chuey Clihu ROM

Clihu's Real Doll

GSDC of America --- 1993 --- Novice Bitch

"a small, compact, beautiful bitch. Excellent back, strong mover with good reach. Could use a little better croup, but a really good one that also won Futurity Victrix."

~ Barbara Amidon

GSDC of America --- 1993 --- Futurity Victrix

"black and tan, medium size. Beautiful type and a nice sidegaiter. Could use slightly better croup. Feminine and short coupled. Dark eye, clean going away and coming at you."

~ Betty Radzevich

GSDC of America --- 1994 --- Maturity Victrix

"Two Maturity bitches of very high and close quality, but the superstar (and later to be one of Ed Barritt's top 3 Selects) was the beautiful Jerr's French Pastry (1993 Futurity Victrix), a Pinebeach's Stars 'N Stripes daughter of very good proportions and type, could be slightly stronger in bone and better in croup, but has a good outline, good upper arm, and puts it to great use in great reach and drive. Feet fairly good; moves a little close going away, but all negative aspects are extremely minor and far outshadowed by her many and very prominent virutes. Firm short back. V-1."

~ Fred Lanting

"black and tan, gorgeous breed type, beautiful head, ear set and expression. She was very sound coming and going, was an animated mover with tremendous drive and stamina. Excellent double coat, perfectly groomed, carried a firm topline in motion---did it easy on a loose lead."

~ Helen Gleason

GSDC of America --- 1994---Select #2

"a nicely formed, black and tan, good outline, consistent performer, good mover, a touch long for me, but strong in back. A quality bitch who could have been #1 to many observers. Very nice."

~ Ed Barritt

GSDC of America --- 1995---Grand Victrix

"This was perhaps the best athlete in the ring on that day. She was the favorite of everyone and she demonstrated to me and ringside why she deserved to be ranked number one among the bitches. Overall she can be characterized as a strong, agile, well muscled bitch. She is dark in color with a dense coat, good sex characteristics. She has a long neck that is strong and muscular. Standing and in motion her wither remain high and they slope into a strong and level back. She has well sprung ribs and shoulder blades that are equal in length to her upper arm. Her feet are equal in length to her upper arm. Her feet were tight and well formed. Her strongest characteristics is her sidegait which is outreaching, smooth and rhythmic. In motion, her feet traveled close to the ground and at a full trot she carries a firm and level topline that neither sways or rolls. I thought she was the best representative of the bitches and worthy or the title, Grand Victrix."

~ Carmen Battaglia


2000 Register of Merit Dam

Ch. Marneet's Italian Margarita
Ch. Marneet's Giovanni
Ch. Marneet-Pinebeach Rendezvous
Marneet's Giusippi