1952 Grand Victor
Ch. Ingo Wunscheirute ROM

1952 Grand Victor
Ch. Ingo Wunscheirute ROM

owned by: Margrit Fisher

Barry vd Gimpelalm SchH II

Arry v Burghalderiing SchH III FH

Wara von der Hohen Fichte

1952 GV Ch. Ingo Wunscheirute ROM

Illo vom Grollenberg SchH III

Lona v Aichtal SchH III

Elfe vom Aichtal SchH II

  • FV: Yuccasand's Bernina
  • Ch Waldenmark's Heidi
  • Ch. Waldermark's Jolette
  • Ch. Waldermark's Vingo
  • Ch. Waldermark's Rhoda
  • Ch. Waldermark's Rhea
  • Ch. Waldermark's Britta
  • Ch. Waldermark's Nixe
  • Ch. Waldermark's Tessie
  • Ch. Kobeil's Barda
  • Ch. Kobeil's Garry
  • Ch. Kobeil's Jory
  • Ch. Yaccasand's Bernina
  • Ch Reena v Rheinlandsgold
  • Ch Saxonia's Illo
  • Ch Schaferhaus Bridgette
  • Ch Barbel vom Waldsee
  • Ch Eversridge Ikon, U.D.
  •  Ch Braunhaus' Joey

"Mrs. Margaret Fischer had spent months in Germany looking at German Shepherds and had bought Ingo as a young dog. She had brought him home to Pennsylvania and for a long time had kept him at a service station because of other males at home. When Ingo was full grown, still under two, she had decided to take him to a dog show, a Specialty show. She arrived at the show with Ingo, literally in tow. Jack McMahon, a young man at the time, offered to show the dog for her and they became an instant team. He won five points at that show and the next one. The National was Ingo's third show in the United States.

Ingo was a dog with a most beautiful floating gait, not one foot ever landing out of place. Perhaps he was not as strong in the head as some would like, particularly the Germans, and he was not a tough dog, but he caught the hearts of the Americans. He won show after show.  Ingo went on and can be found in the pedigrees of the American greats."

~ Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History