1995 Grand Victor
Ch. Inflight's Spencer v Sandyhill ROM


1995 GV Ch. Inflight's Spencer v Sandyhill ROM
OFA GS-39006G24M-T EL-3630-T
Breeder: Kathaleen & Patricia Strong and Wendy Leach
Owners: Hank & Grace Fujita & Ann Mesdag
 July 23rd, 1992 ~ January 25th, 2002

Nike-Clayfield Heritage

Ch. Sandyhill's Paco Robanne HIC

Doppelt-Tay's Fyz v Sandyhill
GV Ch. Inflight's Spencer v Sandyhill ROM

Ch Kolbrook's Sudden Decision (Jock son)

Kolbrook's Crooked Halo HIC

  Kolbrook's Subaru (Impulse daughter)

GSDC of America---1994---Select #3

"a very appealing, quality bicolor of medium size. Good outline of balanced structure both front and rear---back firm---down and back good. In motion he is smooth, showing fluidity. He appeared to me to be a bit immature at this time. However, he is only 24 months old and perhaps I put too much emphasis on this as he was surrounded by older and more mature males. He may be, possibly, the best overall of the first three but not this year. His day will come."

~ Ed Barritt

GSDC of America---1995---Grand Victor

"Overall he can be characterized as a strong, agile and well muscled dog. He is a dog that represents harmony. Dark in color, large boned with a dense coat and excellent secondary sex characteristics. His neck is strong and muscular, withers are higher than and sloping into a level back. His ribs are well sprung. His shoulder blades are long and equal in length to his upper arm. His feet are correctly formed and tightly articulated. His gait is one of his strongest attributes which is outreaching, smooth and rhythmic. His feet travel close to the ground, and at a full trot his topline remains firm and level without sway, roll or roach. I thought he best represented the breed and was worthy of my award of the Best of Breed. As the judging continued, his presence became more apparent when compared to others."

~ Carmen Battaglia


2002 Register of Merit Sire

Ch. Valley View's Standing Ovation
Von Jo Bi's Keeza Ma'Tush
Ch. Gracelyne's Celine
Renmac's Opal Sheen
Ch. Summit's Royal Jade
Summit's Royal Mist
Ch. Summit's Royal Leader
Summit's Royal Mist
Ch. Von Nassau's Lamar
Ch. Von Nassau's Type of Telemark
Ch. Von Nassau's Larra
Ch. Von Nassau's Type of Telemark
Ch. Gracelyne's Tiger
Renmac's Opal Sheen

#11 Sire for 2001~ AKC Point Tabulation

"Spencer as a young dog was bought from Kathaleen & Pat Strong by Hank & Grace Fujida.  Hank had mentioned to co-own a male with us, and Spencer became that dog.

Spencer finished his American and Canadian championships in a short time; and, when shown at the Canadian National Specialty, he became Canadian Grand Victor.  Not for long though!  Through an administrative error on our part, he lost that title.

Not long after that, he earned his American Grand Victor title being handled by Scott Yergin.

He remained in Oregon for a year and then went to his owners in Hawaii.  While there, he produced three champions.

Earlier, when still iwht us, bred to a champion female of ours, he produced seven pups, all becoming Canadian champions and two of these also American champions.

Spencer was REGAL looking

He looked CLASS!!

He is missed very much by his owners and Tom Mesdag, Spencer's friend."