Ch. Ivy Ridge Daphne

Ch. Ivy Ridge Daphne

Breeder/Owner: Mary E. Flounders
DOB: June 9th, 1982


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  Ch. Wellspring's Ironsides ROM

Ch. Amber's Flair ROM
Ch. Ivy Ridge's Daphne
  Admiral Andy of Stoney Ridge

Stoney Ridge's Candy Can

Amber's Inishowen (Hawkeye x Flair)

Mohawk-Hudson GSDC---April 22, 1984---Winner's Bitch

"A gloriously rich pigmented blue-black and red-tan, dynamic bitch. I could hardly keep my eyes off her from the moment she entered the ring, glowing with vitality. A hard, well-muscled-up bitch, not overdone or out of balance in any part. Strongly feminine and extremely striking, she commands the full attention in the ring as does her marvelous sire Ch. Wellspring's Ironsides. She is out of Stoney Ridge's Candy Can. Uses herself with
soundness and agility and eagerness. I felt looking at her that sparks could fly off that shining blue-black coat. No wonder pigmentation is such an important part of our Standard. It seems to go hand in hand with
vitality. I would think she would fill a bit more in forechest with a litter or maturity and that would absolutely be the final touch to a masterful creation."

--Judge Barbara Lee Williams