Isabella's One Woman Show


Isabella's One Woman Show

Breeder/Owner: Martha Simonett
DOB: 07/21/06

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Isabella's One Woman Show
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GSDC of America --- November 5th, 2008--- Best Opposite in Maturity

"Isabella is one gorgeous bitch. She is substantial, black and reddish tan with perfect body proportions and perfect timing when she moves. Like the Maturity Victor she reaches beyond her nose. Really outstanding shoulder and upper arm placement on that beautiful body and a driving rear that is absolutely sound to boot. She reminded me of my Tartar. I just loved her and really thought there should have been two Best in Maturities. We have to choose but here were two equal in front of my eyes."

~ Cappy Pottle

GSDC of America --- October 2007 --- 12 to 18 Bitch

"She possessed outstanding movement, an excellent top line, good follow through, and impressive breed type. She has short hocks, a good front, and is sound both coming and going with correct coupling. She possesses excellent follow through while maintaining a very firm topline. Again, a young lady with outstanding promise."


~ Dr. Robert Kish