Hylock's Chastity of Joelle

Hylock's Chastity of Joelle

Breeder: J. Corbin and J. & R. Rood and T. Bartley 
Owner: Fran & Jerry Rood and T. Bartley & J. Corbin
DOB: 11/01/01

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Hylock's Chastity of Joelle

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Velaurs The Beat Goes On

GSDC of Greater Birmingham --- April 11th, 2003 --- Bred by & Winners Bitch

"My Winners Bitch came from a class of one, and I made her handler work her quite a bit in that class because I knew from the moment I saw her how much I liked her. She is a rich sable with a good back, good ears, good ribbing, short hock, excellent shoulder, nice rear, and adds in beautiful femininity. She has a beautiful sidegate. Her beauty of movement is almost deceiving because it is so easy for her and so effortless that the observer really need to watch her closely to appreciate her beauty in motion. A truly quality animal in all regards."

~ Kathy Field Casteel, Esq.