Ch. Hilsgrove's Iris

Ch. Hilsgrove's Iris
Breeder:  G M Taylor
Owner:  Hilgrove Kennels

Ch. Bernd v Kallengarten ROM

Ch. Hilsgrove Emo

Ch. Toni of Fieldstone ROM

Ch. Hilsgrove's Iris

Ch. Harald v. Haus Tigges ROM

Hulla v Sieghaus

Boda v Sieghaus

GSDC of America---1966---Select #3

"A 2 year old medium size, black and cream of beautiful type. She led the parade for a while but by closer
examination had to bow to the previous two bitches because of some wasted motion in the front due to improper layback of shoulder."

-Ernest Loeb

GSDC of America---1968---Select 5

"Hilgrove's Iris. A 4 year old bitch of beautiful type and general appearance. After some gaiting she displayed a slight downhill motion and viewing from the rear could be a bit sounder."

~Ernest Loeb