Ch. Hickoryhill's Westys Sassy B Heim

Ch. Hickoryhill's Westys Sassy B Heim

Breeder:  Christine Grainger & Carlos Navarro.
Owner: Dave Lasater.
DOB: 02/22/04

2002 GV Ch. Hickoryhill's Bull Durham TC, HIC, ROM
Ch. Hickoryhill's GQ Sirius Park
Ch. Sirius Park's Poerty Aladdin
Ch. Hickoryhill's Westys Sassy B Heim
Brentaryl's Cole
Brentaryl's Angel Among Us
Brentaryl's Barcelona

GSDC of Sacramento Valley Inc. --- April 30th, 2005 ---Winners Bitch

"This bitch is very typey, correct size, nice head piece, nice neck and topline. She had a very good temperament, good bite. Very nice overall bitch but she won that day on her effortless, ground covering, suspended sidegait. Very easy moving bitch that could work all day and not tire."

Lee Brown

Great Salt Lake GSDC --- July 16th, 2006 --- Best of Breed

"My Best of Breed bitch was everything I love. I saw her in juniors and kept looking for her in the regular classes, however was suprised to see her in Specials as she looked so youthful. Beauty, type, sound from all angels with a "look at me" attitude. She demonstrated that a GOOD mover can look even better on a LOOSE lead at a moderate speed all the way around the ring."

~ Nadine Grady