Ch. Heritage-Windy Acres' Flower

Ch. Heritage-Windy Acres' Flower

Breeder: L. Pruett & K. Harrison & L. Douglass
Owner: Laura Pruett
DOB:December 16, 1997


Ch. Amber's Maxima ROM

Ch. Riverdell's Desperado ROM

Riverdell's Dark Karma
Ch. Heritage-Windy Acres' Flower

Am/Can Ch Windy Acres' Ami Of Riverdell TC

Am/Can. Ch. First Lady of Heritage ROM
     Ch Den Delaine's Clarice (Mastercharge x Diedre daughter)

GSDC of America --- November 1998 --- 9 to 12 Puppy Bitch

"Total soundness, excellent temperament all rolled into one. A black and red tan female of excellent proportions. Medium sized gal with a lovely head and firm ears. A strongly ligamented gal with a very outreaching side gait, she moved easily at any speed and was always shown on a loose lead (why not---nothing to hide). Sound coming and going. Her lack of coat is the only place I would fault her on that day. A real standout in this class."

~ Helen Gleason


GSDC of America --- November 1998 --- Best Opposite Sex Puppy

"Hard backed dry female. Animated mover of moderate angulation. Clean."

~ Ed Barritt

Bay State GSDC---October 5, 2001---Best Opposite Sex

"A lovely dark black and tan bitch "special".  What my breed dog had in maleness, this lovely little girl exemplified in femininity.  Once again, I must say that I have judged her before and was thrilled to see her in my ring once again.  If anything she has only gotten better.  Of correct proportion, lean at both ends, and exhibiting a balanced easy side gait, she pointed out her many virtues which are in harmony with the breed Standard.  At any speed, whether down or back or from the side, there is not lifting, scuffing or dragging.  Her temperament is excellent!"

~Debra Ann Hokkanen