Helmic Steffi Covy-Tucker Hill

Helmic Steffi Covy-Tucker Hill

Breeder:  M.J. Peak, G.F. Birch and C. Pottle
Owner: R. Ludwig and Pam Staser

Ch Ticketman of Fran-Jo ROM
Ch. Ken Delaine's Taylor Made ROM
Ch Ken-Delaine's Avia ROM
Helmic Steffi Covy-Tucker Hill
Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM
Covy-Tucker Hill's Meagan ROM
Ch. Covy Tucker Hill's Maricopa

GSDC of America --- 1995 --- American Bred Bitch

"Another black and blonde who closely resembles the 12 to 18 month bitch; Helmic Delaine T. A total package of correct structure, solid character, and flawless gait. Her proportions and size are excellent, she is clean coming and going. Well angulated but not overdone. Her balance side gait helped her defeat many excellent bitches in the class. She was considered in the Winners Class."

~ Dan Smith