Ch. Hei-Kob Jorgseni's Freedom

Ch. Hei-Kob Jorgseni's Freedom

Breeders: M Kurz & I. & J. Noya
Owner: F & C Balistreri

Ch Carmil's Stetson
  Campainger-Gatewood Gatlin

Ch Campaigner's-Gatewood Haganah ROM
Ch. Hei-Kob Jorgseni's Freedom

Ch Langenau's Beau of Jeanden ROM
  Ch. Jorseni's Jacaranda

T-Ho's Razzelberry Burlesque (Randida daughter)

GSDC of America---1995---Select #8

"This was a strong contender from the beginning because she always moved correctly. Not flashy, but every bit a sound dog with good type. She is a black and tan, nicely marked and deeply pigmented. A little large for some but within the Standard. She is very strong and agile, large boned with a good dense coat and excellent secondary sex characteristics. She has a nicely chased head and a look of intelligence. Her withers are high and sloping into a level and very strong back. Her shoulder blades are long and equal in length to her upper arm. In motion I thought her gait was outreaching with feet that traveled close tot he ground. During the long sidegaits she maintained a firm top without sway or roll."

~ Carmen Battaglia