Heidi von Harz

Heidi von Harz

Breeder:  Muller and Ellen LeCount Koeper
Owner: Don and Judy Kille
DOB: September 14th, 1964

Roon Zd Sieben Faulen SchH III
Bill v.d. Lerche
Hera V Haus Goliberzuch
Heidi von Harz
(Can GV) Ch. Amor v Haus Hoheide SchH III
Creekside Cricket
Creekside Amy V Steinheim (Ch. Amor v Haus Hoehide daughter)

GSDC of Amercia --- November 1966 --- American Bred Bitch

"First in the extremely fine American Bred Bitch Class went to the classy black and tan Heidi von Harz owned by Don and Judy Kille. In finally placing this class, it was splitting hairs, as all displayed true Shepherd characteristics and even several which did not get in the ribbons gave them very close competition."

~ Mary Southcott