Haus Chloe's Fly Kink

Haus Chloe's Fly Kink

Breeder:  Garrett Gordon

Nando v Richterbach SchH111 FH

Ch Harry von Bolsheid SchH111 AD

Gisa v Saurtal SchH111 FH

Haus Chloe's Fly Kink

Ch Braunhaus Joey (Ingo son)

Ch Hauschloe's Bisket

Na Robi's Grit  (Mercurio x Na Robi's Caress)

"Bob and Robbie Walker of Hamilton Ontario bought a Ch Drum of Long - Worth daughter from Virginia McCoy of Long - Worth.  They bred her to Can GV Ch Chimney Sweep of Long - Worth and I took a bitch puppy, Na Robi's Caress.   Great breeding but we had real trouble with her ears. I bred her to Ch Mercurio of Long - Worth and all the ears were okay on the pups. The bitch I kept was called Na Robi's Grit, a gritty looking thing but nice....  .

Grit was bred to a son of GV Ingo von Wunschelrute, Ch Braunhaus Joey who brought in more of that Valiant, Pfeffer breeding. From that came Ch Hauschloe's Bisket.

I too went after the German lines after that, breeding Bisket to Ch Harry von Bolscheid, I liked his tough training lines, going back to Cralo von Haunstetten and it did bring in Rosel, and Billo through Nando von Richterbach.

This brought together some of the best Long - Worth with extreme Pfeffer and some of the best German, some very tough and trainable. There were two good ones from that litter Ch Hauschloe's Friederich was outstanding, defeating some of the best from Germany and the U.S.

Unfortunately Friederich was hardly used because his owner would not x ray him. He had a sister called Fly Kink, her coat was kinky but she was a mover with a wonderful front.

I bred her to Ch. Rocket of Cara Mia and that is where Hauschloe's Heather came from. Mary Vurma’s druggist, as a puppy, bought her. Heather was only a nice bitch but had that great protective instinct, without too much wrong with her. She looked like a German Shepherd. Mary counseled them as to where to breed her, after her and I discussed it. I recommended Ch Falco of Thunder Rock, that great Bernd son. This brought in all that Rolf blood behind Bernd and brought together the two or three gentle lines to Axel. I helped pick out the choice female for Mary that she kept. That was Champion Kingsdown's Amber; she finished after her Lance litter and got her tail down."

~  Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History