Groheim's Legendary Gunther

Groheim's Legendary Gunther
OFA GS-13161
Breeder:  S. Groves
Owner: R.B. and Texas Gustavson & Sue Groves

Balladier's Windigo of Caralon (Reno son)
Ch. Lost Hill's Bold Legend
Ru-Mar-Ko's Ilsa v Haus Ruesch (Caesar dau)
Groheim's Legendary Gunther
Witkop's Fagan of Lost Hills (Phantom son)
Orcland's Lost Hill's Escapade
IBN's Bali Hai

GSDC of Sacramento Valley Inc. --- September 4th, 1983 --- Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"Winners Dog and Best of Winners was a medium-sized, beautifully correct sable. He exhibited a definately masculine head with correct, firm ear carriage, true coming and going with a very balanced side gait. There were some competitor with perhaps more sweeping side gait, but this dog balanced beautifully. To my knowledge I have never seen his sire, Ch. Lost Hill's Bold Legend but I would like to, as he also sired my Reserve Winners Dog, Groheim's Bold Impression, a repeat breeding of the Winners Dog from the 12 to 18 month class."

~ Robert E. Williamson