1921 GV Grimm v.d. Mainkur PH

1921 GV Grimm v.d. Mainkur PH

Horst v. Boll

Nores v.d. Kriminalpolizei

Gisa v.d. Kriminalpolizei

1921 GV Grimm v.d. Mainkur PH

Rolf v.d. Hohen Warte
(son of Roland Starkenburg)

Gustel v.d. Hoffstatt

Elsa v. Schwabenland  (daughter of the Beowulf son Jokel v. Schwetzingen HGH)


"Grimm von Mainkur who is from an excellent German litter that also contained Gerwin von Mainkur is recorded in the first Koer book. They had lines back to Roland v. Starrenburg, Hektor Schwaben and Beowolf on the mother side as well as those behind Nores v.d Krminalpolzei. Gerwin was very much of the Nores type, high on leg, straight up pasterns, tight feet, straight upper arm, straight firm looking back, good croup but very straight behind. He looked quite a lot like the type coming from Jung Tell except for a better croup and not enough masculinity in head. In the picture his tail looks long enough"

-Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History