BrSrg Grimm vd Fahrmuhle SchH II


Grimm vd Fahrmuhle SchH II
Brazilian Srg.

Baldur v Befreiungsplatz SchH III

Arry vd Gassenquelle SchH II FH ROM

Claudia v Marquardstein MH1

Grimm vd Fahrmuhle SchH II

Udo v Lagerkamp SchH III

Fella vd Fahrmuhle HGH

Helma v Orlastrand HGH


  Most Important Progeny:

"Grim v.d. Fahrmuhle, sire of the famous "A" litter Elfenhain, and also sire of the top German dog Frack v.d. Berg Arkenstede, was one of the truly great dogs bred in Germany.

"His breeding was open, going back quickly to some of the old and great names such as, Sigbert Heidegrund, Ferdl v.d. Secretainerie and Primus v. Maschtor.  Through his dam, Fella v.d. Fahrmuhle also came the valuable working qualities of fine, old sheep herding families.  He was a pleasing shade of gray and possessed great beauty and nobility and almost uncanny intelligence.  A top "V" dog, 
Germany allowed him to slip through their fingers to Brazil where he promptly became Brazilian Sieger.  This is a family of great vitality, of males that live long and are capable of siring large, healthy litters at an advanced age."

Capt. WM Goldbecker & Ernest Hart
From "This is the German Shepherd"