VA Ch. Greif v Elfenhain SchH III FH AD CACIB  ROM

VA Ch. Greif v Elfenhain ROM 
Owner: Mr. and Mrs. I.E. Robinson

Billo v Oberviehland SchHIII FH

Hein v Richterbach SchHIII ROM

Rosel v Osnabruckerland SchHI
VA Ch. Greif v Elfenhain ROM

Brazilian Sgr Grimm vd Fahrmuhle SchII

Amsel v Elfenhain SchHII

  Lexa v Osnabruckerland SchHII

1968 Register of Merit Sire


"Greif v Elfenhain was a Hein v Richterbach son with three lines to Lex Preussenblut.  A medium sized strong noble dog with good bone he was richly coloured and moved well but was rather long in body.  He went to USA as a seven year old and in three short yours was established as ROM.  From Greif came long coats and cryptorchid problems."

~Author Unknown


VA - Int Ch Greif von Elfenhain SchH111 FH AD Whelped 7/27/57

Angekoert - Leistungzucht Class 1 Surveyor Schnigenberg 9/13/59

V Billo von Oberviehland SchH111 FH

Sire: V Hein von Richterbach SchH111

V Rosel von Osnabreuckerland SchH1

V Grimm von Faehrmmehle SchH11

Dam: V Amsel von Elfenhain SchH1

V Lexa von Osnabreuckerland SchH11

Inbreeding: V Lex Preussenblut 3,4 - 5 V Maja Osnabreuckerland 3,4 - 5R Litter Osnabreuckerland 2,3 - 4



I. Over-All Evaluation            
  1. A firm tightly knit male with the best body proportions, as well as strength, nobility, and a splendid expression. He has fluid gaits and is stable in temperament with pronounced aggressive spirit.

2. Temperament including State of Nerves:
    a) Animated, Attentive, Good natured, Courageous, Fearless, Good in nerves and alert.
II. Analyses of Structure while dog is posing.
  1. A trotters build which is muscular, medium heavy, substantial, deep and with a good stance.

2. Body Dimensions (at 2 years two months of age):
    a) Height at withers 25 inches

b) Body depth 12 inches

c) Chest circumference 32 inches

d) Weight 85.5 Lbs
  3. Color and markings:
    a) Red tan with a dark saddle and mask
  4. a) Head strong

b) Muzzle development Good

c & d) Jaw construction Scissor bite which is sound and powerful.
III. Evaluation of Gait
  1. The trot is fleet and spacious, stemming from the back and going level over the ground. The gait is close in the rear.
    a) Elbow tightness Good

b) Pastern Tightness Adequate

c) Hock tightness Good

d) Rear Drive Efficient

e) Front Action Very good inclined to pace.
IV. Particular Structural Virtues
  1. A high symmetry and harmony due to correct body structure.
V. Analyses of Temperamental Characteristics
  1. Temperament and Condition of Nerves
    a) Firm actively attentive, steady in nerves.

b) Ar ease, Self confident and sound to gunfire
  2.a) -c) Courage Aggressiveness and fighting spirit Present and pronounced.

3. Obedience trial degrees and scores.
    a) SchH1 Very Good

b) SchH11 Very Good

c) AD exam Passed

d) SchH111 Very Good

e) FH Trial Very Good
  Part of Individual Dog Notes:
    Alf von Deininghauserheide:(Not Axel)

BUILD: Good size and boning with short back

HEAD: Beautiful

EYES: Light


EXPESSION: Beautiful


GAIT: Magnificent

WARNINGS: Produces Bad temperament, fading color, bad bites and missing teeth. (Such information could explain some things that occur).

Sieger Alf von Nordfelsen

BUILD: Medium size with rather straight front and rear. Straight croup, roached back, slight boning.

HEAD: Beautiful

EYES: Medium




GAIT: Excellent WARNINGS: Straight shoulder, light muzzle