Ch. Greenleaf's Ponderosa

Ch. Greenleaf's Ponderosa
OFA GS-65024G33M-PI GS-EL-16465M53-PI
Breeder: Patrick Green & Margaret & Ron Nunnally
Owner: Patrick E. Green
DOB: December 16th, 1999

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Ch. Greenleaf's Ponderosa
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Livingston Kennel Club--- January 18, 2003---Winners Dog & Best of Breed

"...a not very striking dog at first glance, but the longer he went the better he got, the more elastic, and powerful his reach and drive became. He just has a fabulous effortless movement that seems to improve with every stride each time around the ring.  Entry: 57 GSD 24-30-3-0 (abs:3)"

~Ann Gray