V Graf Eberhard Hohen Esp SchH III Kkl 1

V Graf Eberhard Hohen Esp SchH III Kkl 1
Born: October 22nd, 1903

Pilot III  (Hektor son)

Wolf (Balinger)

Nelly II v. Eislingen (Hektor daughter)

V Graf Eberhard v. Hohen Esp SchH III Kkl 1

Hector v. Schwaben

Nelly II v. Eislinger

Nelly v. Eislingen (Horand daughter)

Most Important Progeny:

"Graf was the result of a mother/son mating. He was one of the most inbred dogs of the breed. It is probable that Graf owed little to Pilot and more to Hektor and Horand. He bred 34 different bitches

but many were unregistered and his registered stock totaled 143. He seemed to have ended his breeding life in his fourth year but he did produce Luchs v Kalsmunt-Wetzlar, the 1908 Sieger and one of the few combinations of Pilot and Beowulf.."

-Author Unknown

"Graf's female tail line began with a father/daughter breeding that produced Ella Gmund.  Ella was then bred to Horand v. Grafrath.  This breeding resulted in Nellie II v. Eislinger.  (Some say the Nellie II and Nellie were one in the same.)  Which ever the truth is it known Nellie, when bred to the Hektor son Pilot III produced Graf.

Graf possessed neither Roland nor Beowulf in his pedigree.  From Graf came two important males, both of whom would establish their own lines.  Graf was a different type from the direction the breed was taking.  He did have some of the same animals back in the beginning.  Many breeders of the time used Graf intensively.  The breed wardens  warned against such close use but the results were so successful that many ignored the warnings.  Soon it was obvious that Graf was to have a pronounced influence on the breed."