Geran's Dr. Feelgood

Geran's Dr. Feelgood

Breeders: Gerald, Angela & Alexa Roach 
Owners: Nina Despres, Alexa, Gerald & Angela Roach & Phillip Moore
DOB: 11/16/2005

Ch. Kenlyn's Illuminator v Fran-Jo
AOE 2x Sel. Ch. Jag of Fran-Jo, ROM
Ch. Rebbecca of Fran-Jo Decathlon
Geran's Dr. Feelgood
Ch. Nike-Clayfield Andre Segovia ROM
Ch. Geranís Always On My Mind, HIC, ROM
Stonehedge Rose' v Ken Delaine

Mohawk-Hudson GSDC --- April 20, 2008--- WD, BOW, BOS

"My Winners dog, from the American Bred class. A handsome, youg dog. Richly pigmented and very pleasing picture, standing. In motion, suspension, suspension, suspension with a great outreaching, correct, front. This dog showed a consistency in gait and very good top line, both on a tight and loose lead. Beautiful long, sloping croup. He will be a crowd pleaser at maturity."

~ Nick Sasso

GSDC of Greater New Haven --- April 27, 2008 --- WD & BOW

" .......from the American Bred class Geran's Dr. Feelgood WD, BOW ...........richly pigmented, dark eyes, clean teeth with correct bite/dentition, excellent feet, excellent coming and going , very sound temperment . When he moves he drives with a ground covering suspend gait, opening up fully on both ends . A tribute to his pedigree which after seeing, one can understand why he moves like he does"

~ Dick Jones