Ch. Frosty vom Estahaus

Ch. Frosty vom Estahaus
Owner: R. Leonard

Ch. Lakeside's Gilligan Island ROM

Ch. Padchma's Gotcha

Mil-Mar's Orie
Ch. Frosty vom Estahaus

Ch. Tannenwald's Igor ROM

Ch. Nora vom Estahaus

Esther vom der Wallgurger Klause


GSDC of America---1975---Select #7


GSDC of America---1977---Select #8


GSDC of America---1978---Select #11

"A small to medium, black and tan, feminine bitch in beautiful condition. She has a well-proportioned outline but is not as angulated as I would prefer. Her movement although not extreme is very well coordinated and rhythmic. She changes very little in outline from the beginning to the end. She is fluid in motion and looks better fast than slow. Her back is strong and her ligamentation is good. Not as appealng posed as some of the others, but certainly a good one."

~ Ed Barritt

  • Ch Phaedra von Estahaus