Ch. Fortriffe's Altair

Ch. Fortriffe's Altair

Breeder: Ellen P. Reese
Owner: Ellen P. and T.W. Reese
DOB: September 27, 1958

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Ch. Fortriffe's Altair
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Breed Survey: General Impressions: A large but proportionate bitch of firm, dry type, good topline, satisfactory chest development, good feet and legs, excellent temperament, excellent mover. Feminine in spite of size.

Physical Characteristics (standing): Height: 24 inches. Weight: 80 lbs. Length: 28 inches. Depth 11 1/2 inches. Chest Circumference: 32 inches. Body:Typy, dry well muscled, well balanced, presented in good condition, somewhat overweight. Topline: High withers, shoulder blades close at top, long well formed sloping croup. Fore and Rear Legs: Straight, parallel. Strong properly sprung pasterns, well formed and well padded feet. Chest and Fore Chest: Satisfactory.

Temperament: Test I: Normal. Test II: Normal. Test III: Normal. Observations After Tests: Confident, good natured.

Head and Expression: Head: Noble. Ears: Well placed, well formed, well carried, firm. Eyes: Well placed, well formed, medium. Teeth: Full dentition, correct bite. Jaws: Strong.

Angulation: Rear Angulation: Well angulated. Shoulder Angulation: Somewhat short upper arm.

Coat and Pigmentation: Coat: Correct texture. Pigmentation: Strong.

Gait: Side Gait: Outreaching, travels with high withers, coordinated. Front Gait: True coming. Rear Gait: Legs, hocks and feet parallel.

Breeding Recommendations: Not recommended for large or oversize dogs, or those lacking chest development. Especially recommended for gait and temperament improvement.

~ M. Steinbrenner; September 18, 1960; Wrentham, Massachusetts.