Ch. Etzel v Deutschen Adel SchH III AD CACIB

Ch. Etzel v Deutschen Adel

Breeder:  P Puetz
Owner - Dr H W Preiser
DOB: April 22nd, 1964

V-Amor a.d. Chan Gesteschlecht (Atlas son)

V-Klodo v Colonia Agrippina

V-Sara v. Colonia Agrippina
Ch. Etzel v Deutschen Adel

V-Lax v. Colonia Agippina

V-Troika v Colonia Agrippina

  V-Wolga v Colonia Agrippina

GSDC of America---1967---Select #8


GSDC of North Florida --- January 12, 1968 --- Best of Breed

"A dog which I have never judged before and which I felt to be of tremendous quality. Even on poor footing he showed complete coordination, easy, powerful, outreaching gait which gave one the impression that he could trot all day without tiring. A proud, sturdy, upstanding shepherd that I believe has much to give our breed.."

-Margaret Megahan