Ch. Echo-Cham's River Phoenix

Ch. Echo-Cham's River Phoenix
OFA GS-67222G26M-PI GS-EL15402M26-PI
Breeder: Darnell Echois
Owner: Diane Brantley
DOB: May 10, 2001

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Ch. Echo-Cham's River Phoenix
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Three Rivers Kennel Club --- February 28, 2004 --- WD, BOW & BOB

This dog is obviously a male, observing him across a large ring, there is absolutely no question that he is all male. Deeply pigmented, he presents a noble, stallion presence that is quite eye-catching. Strong skull with intelligent expression, dark eyes, strong ears, a long, arched neck with his smoothly curving topline passing over high withers, a short,strong back, short loin and beautifully sloping croop with smooth onset of long , saber tail. No slabsided weediness in this dog, well sprung ribs, excellent bone, straight front leg bones, no east and west, compact feet with thick , tough pads, good depth of chest, nice angulation to rear with short, flexible hocks, no toe dragging here. Clean coming and going, smooth, gliding side gait, it is hard to fault this dog. Unfortunately his intelligence and arrogance make him seem to consider asking the judge for a win beneath him. He is definitely not a golden retriever, one has to earn this dog's respect. "

~ Dr. Carol White-Moser