2011 Grand Victor
Select Excellent Ch. EJM N' Eko-Lan's Eli

Select Ex. Ch. EJM's N' Eko-Lan's Eli
Breeder: Ellen & Frederick Migliore & E. B. Estep
GS-81687G24M-VP EL23893M24-VPI
Owner: Ellen J. Migliore.
DOB: November 13, 2007

Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff
Select Ex. Ch. Marquis' Stealing the Show
Marquis Finesse
Select Ex. Ch. EJM N' Eko-Lan's Eli
Select Ch. Pinebuck's Kidd Carson ROM
Ch. EJM N Eko-Lan's Cybil S
Select Ch. Eko-Lan's Havoc v Merivern

GSDC of America --- October 14, 2009 --- Open Dog & Winners Dog

"This was another class of many future male champions. The classes were smaller but the quality of these males was something to see. The winner of this class is a stallion of a male, held his ground and looked me right in the eye when I approached him. He was a beautiful masculine head, with correct ears. He is a substantial male of good size and proportions. He is big and still moves with ease. He covered the ground with his feet close to it with good suspension, which was so eye appealing. He is a well angulated male balanced at both ends. What a package. He shows strong ideal male temperament with fun loving, exuberant personality and high energy. He has good feet, and is clean coming and going with full dentition. I love him"

~ Gloria Birch


GSDC of America --- October 14, 2009 --- Select #7

~ Dave Rinke


GSDC of America --- October 13, 2010 --- Maturity Victor

"My Maturity Victor is a very accomplished dog most of us have seen before. I've never seen him look better. He has a beautiful masculine head piece, nice coat and structure, good middle piece, and is very clean, fluid and consistent in motion. He was awarded Select #2 by Barbara Amidon"

~ Robert Drescher


GSDC of America --- October 13, 2010 --- Select #2

~ Barbara Amidon


GSDC of America --- October 1, 2011 --- Grand Victor

"Eli was not hard to find. Strong dog with a solid masculine head, hard back, very coordinated mover with very good front extension and follow through. Clean down and back, impressive when stacked. Consistent performance from start to finish with a shade more front extension than #2"

~ Ed Barritt