Ch. Esther v Pilgersberg SchH I

Ch. Esther v Pilgersberg

Breeder - K Schmauss
Owners - D and S Gross
DOB: March 6th, 1963

Arras v Adam Riesezwinger Schh III FH

V-Klodo a.d. Eremitenklaus SchH III AD

Halla a.d. Eremitenklause SchH III FH
Ch. Esther v Pilgersberg

V Hein vom Richterbach

Oschi Sudentenstolz

  Mispel Sudetenstolz (Axel daughter)

GSDC of America---1966---Select #2

"A very stylish 3 year old, richly pigmented black and tan. She could be slightly heavier in bone for her
size with better feet; she is a trifle long in loin, yet displayed excellent transmission through the back. Coming at me she could be a little sounder."

-Ernest Loeb