Ch. Elsa of Lowen-Haus

Ch. Elsa of Lowen-Haus
Owners: D.R. Frank & K.J. Leone

Eko-Lan's Vagabond

Ch. Wyndeanís Navarra

Wyndean's Elke
Ch. Elsa of Lowen-Haus

Ch. Von Der Ley's Midnight Cowboy

Von Leebrin's Becuz You're Mine

Evergreen's Gemini

GSDC of America---1979---Select #9

"A good 2 1/2 year old striking black and gold of better than medium size. She too could have a longer croup. She is well coordinated but not quite as good in reach and drive as the previous bitches. She performed with self-confidence."

~ Ernest Loeb

Quintessa of Lowen-Haus
  Denotes a member of the 13-Club