Ch. Eko-Lan's Theda

Ch. Eko-Lan's Theda

Breeders: F. & E. Migliore
Owners: R. Sandell & J. Firestone
DOB: August 4th, 1986


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Eko-Lan's Theda

Ch. Tanbark's Dream Weaver

Eko-Lan's Elaina ROM

  Tally-Ho v. Unserhaus

GSDC of Gr. Kansas City --- June 12th, 1988 --- Winners Bitch

" ... was more substantial (more bone and substance) was very closely pressed by the Reserve Winners Bitch."

~ Mr. Harold E. Sands

GSDC of America---November 19th, 1988---Maturity Victrix


GSDC of America---1989---Select #5

"... a lovely, richly pigmented black and tan shown in excellent condition. A little wild and uncontrollable at times. I would like to see more action on the tail but she has beautiful front reach and good follow-through behind."

~ Betty Razevich