Ch. Eiche Pointe's Classica CD

Ch. Eiche Pointe's Classica CD
Owners: P. Deep and J. & D. Stewart

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Ch. Nether-Lair's Gayiety ROM
Ch. Eiche Pointe's Classica CD

Ch. Immer Treu v Celler Schloss

Eiche Pointe's Anreiz v An-Bert

  Sweet Debby of Friendshipe, CDX
(Sister to Sweet Dixie of Friendshipe)

November 1975

"Cassie is a very special dog for us. She is our first Champion and we also have the deep pride of being her breeders. We want to thank all the friends who taught, advised and encouraged us along the way, we couldn't have done it without them.

Cassie was trained and handled by Pat Depp, her co-owner, in both rings. Pat handled her for her CD. Sandy and Henry both handled her in breed and split the points on her. We can't thank these three special people enough."

-Joan and Dave Stewart