Doppelt-Tay's Masterkey

Doppelt-Tay's Masterkey
OFA GS-9790
Owner: Peter A. Crawford

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Doppelt-Tay’s Masterkey

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March 13th, 2001

"Masterkey ("Mickey") was just over 25 inches, a smallish dog by today's standards. He was black and reddish tan but not really darkly pigmented. He was somewhat overly angulated in the rear but as this style was in favour at the time, he was admired for it. He possessed a magnificent shoulder, reasonably good feet and short hocks. He moved very well in front with extreme reach, had a good period of suspension and even though extreme in rear, would single track although in a somewhat "hocky" manner. He didn't have the attitude necessary to make him a great show dog but was able to attain two 5 point major wins and one 5 point reserve win in Canada. He placed second in the Open Dog class at a Canadian National in Cambridge under Joan Fox and placed 3rd Veteran Dog under Ralph Roberts at the U.S. National in Philadelphia. He had a magnificent temperament, especially for a dog who came into a new family at the age of 5 years. He was also OFA certified for hips at the age of 5 years."

--Owner: Peter A. Crawford


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