Donalhaus Trampis

Donalhaus Trampis

Ch. Fortune of Arbywood ROM

1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Frohlich’s Elsa v Grunestahl ROM

Donalhaus Trampis

1970 GV Ch. Hollamor's Judd ROM

Donalhaus Fantasy

Fran-Jo's Mitzi of Waldesruh


September 1977---Winners Dog

"I felt this was an easy win for Trampis even though he has a minor dental problem (a missing pre-molar). He moves with excellent topline, good underreach and drive and adequate forequarter. His temperament seems extremely sound and he moves away very true. He was not in as good of coat as I would have liked and although he has a masculine head, it is not as strong of a head as the Reserve Winners Dog, Wilmarcsam v. Trommel."

-Walter Frost