2002 Select Excellent
Ch. Diva's Jerry

Ch. Diva's Jerry

Breeder/Owner: Donna M. Radich,
DOB: May 6th, 1998

Ch. Scher-Lo's Amadeus von A&L ROM

Ch. Yarmork's Rangler ROM

Yarmork's Siren
Ch. Diva's Jerry

GV Ch. Welove DuChien's R-Man ROM

TR's Kerensa v Kenlyn

  TR's Absolute v Kenlyn

GSDC of America---October 16th, 2002---Select #14

" Nicely formed masculine black and tan male. A coordinated smooth side mover. Back firm. Could be a touch tighter going. Overall very nice."

~Edmond Barritt

Ch. Adorher's Melody