Ch. Die Herzogin's J.J. ROM

Ch. Die Herzogin's J.J. ROM

BreedersS A Panijan and L L Dancosse
Owners: Shirley & David Panijan
DOB: October 17th, 1977


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Ch. Die Herzogin's J.J. ROM

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Die Herzogin's Gabby

Quella of Clover Acres

April, 1980---Best of Breed

"Well proportioned solid black dog, is impressive with his masuline head, good bone and rhythmic movement."

--Roselynn Schaefer

March 1980---Best of Breed

"Handsome masculine all black male who outmoved every contender. An outstanding animal in all respects."

--Dr. F. Shahrokhi

GSDC of America---1980---Select #10

"Beautiful misculine all black male standing a real picture with the look of eagles. Ground coming gait but busy in movement, could be firmer in mid-piece."

-Kathleen Steen

1988 Register of Merit Sire

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