Ch. Dewet v.d. Starrenburg

Ch. Dewet v.d. Starrenburg
Owned by: Giralda Farms
Born:  October 27th, 1932

Curt v. Herzog Hedan

1933 Sgr. Odin v. Stolzenfels

Bella v.d. Jagdschloss Platte Z.Pr.

Ch. Dewet v.d. Starrenburg

Harras v. Glockenbrink

Othilda v. Starrenburg

Gilda v.d. Starrenburg


"...Dewet von der Starrenburg of Giralda Farms, a son of Odin von Stolzenfels and Othilda v Starrenburg; and Attilas Argos, by Waldo von Baumchen and Freude von Richrath -- an outcross stud of dark pigmentation and fine temperament who was eclisped by his more glamourous contemporary, the great Pfeffer"

~Capt. WM. Goldbecker and Ernest H. Hart

From "This is the GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG"