Ch. Denridge's Lord of the Rings

Ch. Denridge's Lord of the Rings
OFA GS69777F29M-PI
Breeder/Owner: Denise Brock & Tony Eldridge
Co-Owner: Don Breneman 
DOB: January 29th 2002

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Ch. Denridge's Lord of the Rings
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GSDC of America---October 2002---6 to 9 Puppy Dog

"Eighteen shown. All puppies that placed showed excellent temperament and clean rears (no dragging toes or locked hocks).

A very nice moving black and tan puppy with an excellent temperament. He has an attractive head with good ear-set, dark eyes, full mouth, and correct scissors bite. He is very easy in motion and has very nice reach, excellent under-drive and follow-through. He keeps his feet close to the ground. Very nice puppy."

~John DeHope