Ch. Dean-Etta's High Time

Ch. Dean-Etta's High Time

Breeder/Owners: Robin Wylie & Trisha Wylie
DOB: October 14th, 1989

Quint of Shiloh Gardens

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Ch. Dean-Etta's High Time

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Topline GSDC --- July 10th, 1983---Winners Dog

"A medium sized black and tan with adequate pigmentation and pronounced sex characteristics. Head size was medium with strong ears and slightly light eyes. Coat was a normal lenght. Proportions were good with a normal underline and back. Croup lenght was long with normal angle. Tail set was normal. In forequarter, uper arm and scapula wre average and at a 90% angle. In hindquarter angle 90% with normal rear pasterns. Pasterns were strong with normal feet. Correct scissors bite and strong teeth. Clean coming and going with excellent sidegait. In motion, hindquarter and forequarter were excellent with a firm overline."

--Carmen Battaglia

Lehigh GSDC---March 18th, 1984---Best of Breed

"A medium sized black and tan male with strong pigmentation and pronounced sex charachteristics. His head and ears were strong with dark eyes. His coat length was normal with good proportions and normal underline and back. His croup length was long with a normal angle. His tail set was normal. In forequarter, he had a long upper arm and scapula with a 90 degree angle. In hindquarter, his angle was 90 degrees with normal rear pasterns. His pasterns were strong. In dentition, he had a correct scissor bite and strong teeth. In motion, he was clean coming and going with an excellent sidegait, hindquarter and forequarter. He had a firm overline. His foot timing was 9."

-Carmen Battaglia

GSDC of America---1984---Select #14

"A pretty black and tan with a nice layback of shoulder, good back, clean coming and going, moves better on a loose lead, has one speed he excells at, is level in topline."

--Fran Ford

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