Ch. DeAnnson's On Broadway CD

Ch. DeAnnson's On Broadway CD
Breeder/Owners: D Amberson and L Mathews

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Ch. DeAnnson's On Broadway CD

1972 GV Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan ROM

Harrigan's Lakeside Maegan

Wilhelmburg's Madchen

GSDC of America---1980---Best Puppy

"Elegant type male, beautiful in movement. He looks like a real promising puppy. Suspended gait, excellent topline and rear drive. He could be cleaner going away, but he is young."

~ Kathleen Steen

GSDC of America---1982---Select #2

"A vert stylish, dark, large black and tan who for a while pressed the Grand Victor (Ch. Sabra Dennis of Gan Edan) quite a bit and it wasn't sufficient gaiting on loose lead. At this time, he has the tendency of being a bit loaded in shoulder and is somewhat loose in elbows coming. He has a nice sidegait but not quite the reach and drive of the Grand Victor. Sound temperament."

--Ernest Loeb

GSDC of America---1983---Select #4

"Very noble, very elegant, with good layback of shoulder. A large very dark pigmented, handsome male in beautiful condition. Good head and expression. Excellent side mover but doesn't have quite the extension, the front, of the first three selects. Sound coming and going. Long lenght of stifle and a very short back."

--Helen Miller Fisher

GSDC of America---1984---Select #12

"Masculine, very dark black and tan, strong back, elegant when posed, a good side mover but a bit swift; he is fluid in motion, loose in elbows coming, clean going, could have more reach. Attractive dog."

-Fran Ford

December, 1984---Best of Breed

"A well formed, handsome, darkly pigmented male. He has a strong head and good ear set. Is of excellent type. His back and topline are good and his structure is substantial. He has firmness in elbows, he carries himself very well. In motion, he displays good extension in forehand and good underdrive and follow through, both on a tight and loose lead."

--Ed Barritt


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