Ch. Dante Manor Gaucho v Ausland

Ch Dante Manor Gaucho v Ausland

Breeder:  D Campbell
Owner: P Wieselman

Ch. Eko-Lan's Morgan ROM
Ch Eko-Lan's Paladen ROM
Eko-Lan's Glory ROM
Ch Dante Manor Gaucho v Ausland
Can Ch Thor's Elsa of Dante Manor

GSDC of America --- 1982 --- Veteran Dog

"Although 10 years old and beginning to show his age, this masculine black and tan of excellent proportions still has the attitude of a young dog. Standing, he has the appearance of a real male with a strong head, deep body, substantial bone, good topline and excellent feet. He is tightly ligamentated coming and going and possesses excellent character. He is coordinated in motion, lacking some of the extnesion of his youth."

~ Ed Barritt