Ch. Dango von Rackoda

Ch. Dango von Rackoda

Breeder: Havis W. Chambers
Owner: Grant Mann and S.R. Baumann
DOB: September 29, 1959

VA Axel v.d. Deininghauserheide SchH III DFH, FH
1957 GV Ch. Troll vom Richterbachtal, SchH III, FH, ROM  
Lende v. Richterbach SchH III
Ch. Dango von Rackoda
Werro zu den Sieben Faulen
Koda zu den Seiben-Faulen
Leda v Scharmbeck SchH II

Breed Survey: General Impression: A substantial medium sized dog with typical German Shepherd structure. Strong nerved and alert. Noble Shepherdlike expression. Strong pigmentation. True properly spaced hock action, excellent side gait, still slightly lacking in firmness of elbows. Secondary Sex Characteristics: Pronounced. Constitution: Powerful, dry. Temperament: Alert, good natured, strong nerved. Expression: Shepherdlike, noble.

Physical Characteristics (in stance): Height: 25 inches. Depth: 12 inches. Weight: 93 lbs. Chest Circumference 32 inches. Bone: Strong, dry. Musculature: Strong.

Forequarters: Angulation: Ideal. Forechest: Well developed. Pasterns: Strong. Feet: Well Arched. Ribbing: Oval.

Middlepiece: Back: Short. Loin Length: Short. Depth: Deep. Topline: Level. Underline: Normal.

Hindquarters: Angulation: Very good. Thigh: Broad. Croup: Medium, well-formed. Tail: Medium, sabre.

Head: Masculine, noble: Muzzle: strong. Eyes: Medium, oval. Ears: Normal. Carriage: Erect. Bite: Normal. Tooth Faults: See Section IV.

Coat: Condition: Normal. Type: Normal. Pigmentation: Strong.

Physical Characteristics (in action): Back: Firm. Forequarters: Outreaching. Elbows: Loose moderate. Trueness: True. Hindquarters: Drive. Powerful. Trueness: True, properly spaced. Side Gait: Powerful and outreaching.

Unusual Qualities or Faults: Extraction of fourth premolar and first molar on left mandible due to bone infection. Certified by: U.V. Mostosky, DVM, Michigan State University. Date: September 25, 1961

Stability: Ability to adjust to a situation: Total. Gunfire: Favorable.

Breeding Recommendations: Recommended for improvement of type, stability and pigmentation. Firm elbow action in breeding partners desired.

~ Melvin Steinbrenner; March 9, 1962, Southfield, Michigan

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