Ch. Dream Weaver's Morning Mist

Ch. Dream Weaver's Morning Mist

Breeders/Owner: Bob & Linda Drysdale
January 20, 1998-2001

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Ch. Toastmaster of Tournaline

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Ch. Dream Weaver's Morning Mist

Ch. Dan-Ann's Kriss Kross

Dream Weaver's Arrow In Flight

  Summitwood's Essence


GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---Best in Futurity

"Full bodied, strong but still feminine. Lovely shoulder opening with a long, suspended gait."

~ Charlotte LaRosa


GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999--- Select #3

"A well pigmented black and tan bitch of excellent proportions and size. Excellent
secondary sex characteristics, sound coming and going. Sidegait: outreaching front, finishes well behind, iron topline in motion. Feet and pasterns could be ever so  slightly better. At first I suspected this bitch's temperament because she is so hyper, but by the end of judging I was as sure of her temperament as of any other in the ring. If she could relax more, I think she would move even better than she does. I expect great thing from this bitch."

~ Fred Migilore

GSDC of America --- November 2000 --- Best Opposite Sex in Maturity

"This bitch had stunning breed type. Elegant, but strong, deep bodied, and a marvelously arched neck. She is large but feminine. She was over-exuberant at times, but when she settled into the lead she has a beautiful opening of  shoulder, a strong short back, and her feet stayed close to the ground."

~ Joan Fox

GSDC of America---November 4th, 2000---Select #6

"This bitch is medium black and tan. On first impression, she is a little  heavy in body. Outline is pleasing. Front assembly, shoulder blade is  equal in length with upper arm, but shoulder blade is somewhat straighter than the upper arm. Strong back in motion. I'd like to see less angulation  in the rear lower quarter, but her strong animation made her sidegait pleasing. She was good coming and going. Good temperament. Full dentition."

~ Joe Bihari