Dream Weavers Ariel

Dream Weavers Ariel

Ch. Asgard's Big Ben of Asgard ROM

Ch. T-Ho's For Whom The Bell Tolls ROM, CGC, TC, HIC

T-Ho's Shotgun Weddin' v Barque
Dream Weavers Ariel

Ch. Dan-Ann's Kriss Kross

Dream Weaver's Arrow In Flight, ROM

Summitwood's Essence TC

GSDC of Greater Kansas City --- June 7, 2003 --- Winners Bitch

"This lovely lady was my BOSM last year in the Northwest. What a pretty bitch! Substantial, outreaching, a strong mover yet she has a discernable period of suspension. Joie de vivre describes her character and helps her use all she has. She was particularly efficient on a loose lead. Clean moving from all angles she won on her shoulder opening and wonderful type and temperament."

~ Joan Fox