Donna zum Reurer

Donna zum Reurer
Owner: Dr. Funk

1920 Sgr. Erich v Grafenwerth

Falko v. Indetal SchH

Donna v.Grunautal

Donna zum Reurer

Diethelm v. Reideckenburg

Donna v. Ludwigskai

Herta v. Wieserntheid

"Donna contained the whole spectrum of breeding that was supposed to be the best and the worst including Jung Tell von Kriminalpolzei. When she was bred to Klodo vom Boxberg, there was an immense concentration of Erich v. Grafenwerth, Hettal v. Uckermark and Flora Berkemeyer but also it contained some of the out lines in their most desirable forms. Funk considered it was worth the risk even though it contained the line to Falko von Indetal. From this breeding combination came the following concentration: Erich 2 - 3, Falko von Scharenstetten, 4 - 5, and lots of Reideckenburg blood. Apparently there was enough Flora to override the "undesirable" blood. From this breeding came Ulla and Utz von Haus Schutting."

~ Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History