Ch. Dolmar's Elegance

Ch. Dolmar's Elegance

Breeder: M. Dolan
Owners: M. Dolan & D. Farrell
DOB: December 1st, 1984

GV Ch. Kismet's Impulse v. Bismark ROM

Ch. Farmil's Chantz

Farmil's Abbey of Dolmar
Ch. Dolmar's Elegance

Covy's Pan of Tucker Hill (Zeus x Felita)

Dolmar's Xandra

Dolmar's Gaiety of Springrock (Reno x Rhyme)

GSDC of America---September 1985 --- 9 to 12 Puppy Bitch & Winners Bitch

"medium size black and tan. In my opinion, this bitch has one of the most thrilling and spectacular ground covering gaits I have ever observed. She has tremendous reach and drive and has a back of iron. Her feet stay very close to the ground when she moves. She is good coming but a little loose going away. It takes great conviction and intestinal fortitude to put up a puppy at our National Specialty. I suppose I had both on this day because in my mind she was the clear winner. I am sure I could have found reasons not to go with a puppy for such an important win, but if they are allowed to compete they should be given equal consideration for all awards. As a judge, you cannot always make popular decisions because you don't think they are the correct ones, but in this case, I left this National feeling my decision for Winners Bitch was not only correct but also extremely well received."

~ Mr Robert Slay

GSDC of America---September 28th, 1985---Best Puppy & Best of Winners

"A beautifully structured puppy, a bit thin and could be in better coat. She has an outstanding gait and trmendous attitude. She could be better going away but I can forgive this in a puppy, for it will probably imporve with maturity. Her very outreaching forehand, excellent topline and driving hindquarter plus her lovely type made me choose her as Best of Winners and, of course, Best Puppy."

-Connie Beckhardt

GSDC of Greater New Haven---October 12th, 1985---Winners Bitch & Best of Breed

"Outreaching, spectacular sidemover. Carries a strong, firm topline effortlessly on a loose lead. Excellent rear drive and transmission through a firm back. Sound coming, slight looseness going away. Correct bite, complete dentition, very alert, a lovely neck and very animated. She looks spectacular on a loose lead."

-Helen Gleason

GSDC of America --- 1986 --- Best in Futurity

"a hard driving black and tan female of medium size. She has good extension but displays a tendency to loft a bit in forehand. A good mover who runs with her head level and her ears held back. (This is perfectly acceptable but it detracts from her outline.) She has a slight overcast in topline but her back is strong."

~ Ed Barritt

GSDC of America---November 19th, 1988---Select #9

"This bitch earned her placing with her sidegait. She has a strong back, though with a slight roach in motion. Dry, with clean outline, though croup falls off slightly. Powerful bitch, good dark eye. Would like to see a better set of ears, and better coming and going, but she is a powerful side mover."

--Ralph Roberts