Den-Lea's High Jinx CD, ROM

Den-Lea's High Jinx CD, ROM

Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Lesley Kodner

Ch. Cito v. Haus Tippesruh ROM

Ch. Den-Lyn's Jet Pilot C.D.X. T.D.

Dahnert's Haven's Minda-Gay
Den-Lea's High Jinx CD, ROM

Ch. Gernda's Ludwig ROM

Jeff Lynne's Emilie

  Valli v. Liebestraum

1964 Register of Merit Dam

"Jinx is the oldest of this year's ROM bitches--an 11 year old daughter of Ch. Den-Lea's Jet Pilot, CDX, TD ex Jeff Lynn's Emilie. Jinx started life with touch and go luck. When a neighbor of Denny Kodner decided to cull a litter of ten, Denny picked three at random and took them home at the ripe age of one day to be bottle raised. One was sold--and one became Ch. Den-Lya's Really Raven, CD and one is Jinx. Denny says of her--"at almost 11 she is still a wild Indian--her favorite sport is to tilt with planes and birds that fly overhead--she loves to excite the other dogs and then sit back with a grin to see what happens. She is the last of our original breeding stock and lives it up by lording it even over the youngsters and sleeping on their beds."

-Margaret M Megahn

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