Ch. Debonair's Prosperity

Ch. Debonair's Prosperity

Breeder: R H Quigley
Owners - J & O J Young

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM

Ch. Tamirak's Eli v. Hensan

Von Nassau's Fire N' Ice
Ch. Debonair's Prosperity

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Steel Curtain

Quig's Debonair Playmate ROM

  Sidehaus Kelly v. Federhaus

GSDC of America---1981---Select #7

"Excellent pigment. Lovely type, beautiful in shoulder and in rear, with good croup and short hock. Good head, expression and dark eye. Nice reach of neck, but could be firmer in back. At times moved very well, but lack of desire at times did not move to her structure. Pushes off well and reaches well, occasionally has some tendency to go down on forehand. Fair coming and going. She was not as sure of herself on occasion as one would like her to be."

~ Ralph Roberts

Ch. Kaleef's Brooke of Younghaus
Ch. Kaleef's Bronx of Younghaus
Ch. Berjan's Brooklyn v Younghaus
Green Acre's Hedda Hopper


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