Ch. Dan-Ann's Kountry Bumpkin ROM

Ch. Dan-Ann's Kountry Bumpkin ROM

Breeder/owner Sally Hayden

GV Ch. Langenaus Watson ROM

Ch. Tara Bella Hickok

Tara Bella's Caprise
Ch. Dan-Ann's Kountry Bumpkin ROM


Jamelyn's Freida v Shyla


  GSDC of America --- 1979 --- 6 to 9 Puppy Bitch

"A very well proportioned medium sized, black and tan bitch of hard dry structure. Good head, good shoulder lay back, good back, good croup and rear angulation. Good and straight as viewed from the front in stance. Very good going away, a trifle wide coming. Excellent outreaching side gait with powerful rear drive. Has tendency to have a gay tail which can be distracting at times."

~ George Collins

1996 Register of Merit Dam
Dan-Ann's Whitney ROM
Dan-Ann's Puma v Lebensraum
Ch. Dan-Ann's Pacs v Shar-Mac
Ch Ari-Ben Sabra Gan Edan-Bobara
Redondo Dan-Ann's Mr Rukalakar
Lar-Don's Exetor

Redondo Dan-Ann's Ilko

Lar-Don's Exetor