V Curt v. Herzog Hedan SchH Kkl 1

V Curt v. Herzog Hedan SchH Kkl 1

1920 Sgr. Erich v. Grafenwerth

1925 Sieger Klodo v. Boxberg

Elfe v. Boxberg PH (Jung Tell grand-daughter)

V Curt v. Herzog Hedan SchH Kkl 1

Rex v. Frieseck PH (Billo son)

Barbel v.d. Halskappe PH

Astana v. Birkental SchH (Nores daughter)

"Curt was not highly regarded by the writer Schealler. This could well be because of the close ties to Nores Kriminalpolzei. Curt's mother was inbred on Nores (2 -3) and also doubled on Jung Tell v. Kriminalpolzei.

Curt had a tendency to produce long coats but when the breeders became aware of this they simply bred bitches to him who did not carry the recessive for these coats. They turned it into a positive feature because the offspring that would then carry the recessive for long coats but not display it would often carry a thicker, more full coat, better in the winter and usually better for showing.

The available picture does not show his rear assembly to advantage and he looks square. The quality he was producing made it too hard to resist using him.

A number of German breeders made excellent use of Curt, it is recorded that he produced 288 progeny registered with the S.V. His get combined well with the get of Donar von Zuchtgut. In one such instance there came a male that was another main influence in the rebuilding of the German breed through and after the war. If Curt had been more stylish or if his mother lines had been more acceptable to the establishment, he probably would have been exported to the United States. As it was, in time he did go to Japan where he was awarded the title, Sieger of Japan. He is now regarded as a pillar of after Utz breeding in Germany. "

~Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History