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Ch. Cross Timbers Cargoch Clihu

AOE Select Excellent Ch. Cross Timbers Cargoch Clihu RN, HT TC
OFA GS66278F25M-PI/EL 14907M25-PI
Breeders: Clifford Hughes
Owners: Erin & Nanci Nellis
DOB: February 18, 2001

Leiter's Firecracker TC, ROM

Ch. Cross Timbers Van Gogh, HIC

Cross Timber's Cory
AOE Select Excellent Ch. Cross Timbers Cargoch Clihu RN, HT, TC

GV Ch. Caraland's Unlimited CD, ROM

Cross Timbers Jenifer Clihu

Cross Timber's Cory


GSDC of America---November 7th, 2001---6 to 9 Puppy Dog

"Black and tan, good attitude, size, topline to die for, flowing from the back of his head to a long croup and a tail set that fit perfectly.  He moved so smoothly on a loose lead."

~Joe LaRosa

GSDC of America---November 10, 2001---Best Opposite Sex to Best Puppy

"The Best Opposite Sex Puppy was also from the 6-9 Class.  He is a handsome, dark black and tan who is a very smooth mover with a good back and topline.  Again, here we have a balanced youngster with beautiful front extension who moves with ease and has a very promising future."

-Mr. Jack Newton

GSDC of America---Saturday October 19th, 2002---Open Dog & Winners Dog

"Seventeen shown in Open. As this class went around, my eyes were drawn to this black and tan on a loose loose lead—a very young looking, medium size dog with an outstanding topline. The line from his head to his tail is unbroken. No whip, sway, sag or roach. He was an easy moving dog with a strong under-drive and proper follow-through. No locked hocks or dragging of the toes. Although I would like to see a little more extension in his front, what he displays is adequate and smooth. He is clean coming and going. He has a very nice head with proper earset, nice dark eyes, dentition, and bite. He displayed excellent temperament.

From Open Class winner to Winners Dog to Best of Winners to Select—he always looked the same. On a loose lead, easy and smooth. This is my correct, honest dog. Nothing flashy about him. What you see is what he is. This dog is only 19 months old. With maturity, he will only get better. I like him very much."

~John DeHope

GSDC of America---October 2002---Select Excellent #18

"He was also Winners Dog. A well formed, strongly pigmented black and tan youngster. He has an appealing outline when posed and is a smooth fluid mover."

~Edmond Barritt

GSDC of America --- October 16th, 2004 --- Select Excellent #4

"This dog has matured so impressively. Deep, dark, curves in all the right places. He is clean on both ends and moves with assurance. Oval bone and nice feet as all my winners did. The handler, Greg Eschette and the owners are to be commended for the wonderful condition this dog was presented in."

~ Joan Fox


GSDC of Beaumont --- May 6th, 2006 --- Best of Breed

"I would say this is a great dog. Pleasing Bi-color. He was performing just as a Select should. He knew he was a star. Very gorgeous head and expression with a beautiful neck. Perfect proportions and moved with an out reaching gait."

~ Joanna Rand

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