1958 Sieger
Condor v. Hohenstamm SchH
3 FH

1958 Sgr. Condor v. Hohenstamm SchH III FH
SZ#  892020
Breeder/Owner:  E. Franke; Lunen (Westfalen)
Born May 1st, 1954

VA Rolf v. Osanbrucker Land SchH III

 V Arko v.d. Delog SchH III

V Amsel v. Garagenhof SchH I, BIH

1958 Sgr. Condor v. Hohenstamm SchH III FH

Axel v.d. Deininghauserheide SchH III DPH FH

V Asta v.d. Jakobsleiter SchH II

V Delma v. Ruhrsieg SchH III

Most Important Progeny:
  • 1962 Sgr. Mutz a.d. Kuckstrasse SchH III
  • V Frei vom Hohenstamm
  • V Condor von Schnapp
  • V Frigga aus Wattenscheid
  • V Blanka vom Grenzlandhof
  • V Cella vom Oelschacht
  • Ch Andra Daheim
  • SG Amsel vom Haus List
  • Dago von Schnapp
  • Frei von Schnapp
  • Alge von der Doppelbrucke
  • Pia vom Matrosenheim
  • Pirol vom Mastrosenheim
  • Alba Daheim
  • Bill vom Obsthof
  • Pia vom Grunen Platz
  • Elke zu den Funf Giebeln
  • Heide vom Haus Geltinger
  • Harald vom Haus Geltinger
  • Elfi vom Stillen Waldweg
  • Arry vom Haus Merlene
  • Elke vom Haus Jutta
  • Cita aus der Sieben-Keltern-Stadt
  • Anka von der Kreuzplatzhutte
  • Mira von der Felsenwehr
  • Heidi vom Schlackenbrunen
  • Anni von der Bundesgrenze Anholt
  • Cita com Bushchemunch
  • Blanka vom Gudahof
  • Galant von der Salzbergen
  • Asta vom Messinghof



Koer Report--August 26th, 1958

"Powerful and substantial male, over medium size, with faultlessly angulated structure, and very good chest.  The harmony of his structure is equally evident standing and while he is in motion.  Good temperament with outstanding courage and defense reaction.  Lively, alert, good natured, and fearless.  Height 25 inches inches, weight 92 pounds.  Color: Black and tan.  Very good depth, and pronounced forechest, excellent shoulder position, excellent angulation, a slight tendency to standing "French."  A little more arching of the paws would be desirable.  Fleeting, feathery gait with good reach.  Courage and defense reaction can server as an example of perfection.  Breeding advise: Linebreeding on Claudius vom Hain and his littermates is definitely inadvisable."

"Condor was by a Rolf son ex a Axel daughter he was typical of the successful blending of these two lines and as might be expected from his breeding he was excellent in shoulder, head and middle piece although he had a tendency to be a heavy dog and again lacked hind angulation.  He has given some cryptorchids but few considering his usage.  He was influential in Britain mainly through the quarantine bred litter out of the Hein daughter Pia Wikingerblut imported by Brettas."

~Author Unknown

"Condor v. Hohenstamm produced very well in Germany, his most famous son being the 1962 Sieger, Mutz a.d. Kuckstrasse.  He passed on his big, male head (sometimes with a tendency to a slight shortness of muzzle) and his excellent balance and movement.  As an individual he lacked somewhat in hind angulation and flare in stifle but, when bred to bitches who had excellent hindquarters themselves and through their forebears, he produced the wanted angulation behind.  Pigmentation had to be watched as well as feet, and a slight tendency towards over aggressiveness. "

~Capt WM Goldbecker & Ernest H. Hart
From "This is the German Shepherd"