Cobert's Jet Ace

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Cobertís Jet Ace

Mix v. Lochem SchH I

Ch. Treu v Wolfstock ROM

Lilly v. Gipsbergwerk

Cobertís Jet Ace

Ch. Bernd v. Kallengarten ROM

Ch. Cobertís Ernestine ROM

Ch. Cobertís Amber

"Jet Ace was a (long) coat, but he was a very beautiful dog and he produced Select Ch. Dot-Walís Vance ROM, who was a big influence in those days.

Jet Ace wasnít really utilized as much as he shouldíve been because he carried both the factors for (long) coats and blue (coats). But the little he did produce was so successful. There was never a person who met Jet that didnít want to take him home. He was just everyoneís idea of what a German Shepherd Dog should be

~ Breeder/Owner Connie Beckhardt